Hot Air Balloons


Hot Air Balloons


Make hot air balloons with household materials.


Presentation Type



Hotter- A higher, or bigger, temperature

Cooler- A lower, or smaller, temperature

Mass- The amount of matter or substance that makes up an object

Density- The measure of mass unit per volume. Lesser the density, lighter the object. 

Target Audience Minimum Age

Target Audience Maximum Age

Duration in Minutes

Event Type

In person, virtual


By participating in this program, students will gain an understanding of air mass as it relates to heat.

Life Skills

Career Fields

Tech Level

Consumable Costs

1 yard of duct tape- $0.10

2-3 sheets of contruction paper- $0.04

Materials/Costs in $


Duct tape- $5.93 for 60 yards

Construction Paper- $3.89 for 100 sheets

Plastic Grocery Bag- on hand

Toaster- on hand


Evaluation Method

Does the hot air balloon fly


First, tape 2-3 pieces of construction paper together at the short ends. 

Wrap the construction paper around the top of the toaster and tape it in place. Make sure to leave the toaster hanldes and knobs accesible. (See my Youtube tutorial for exact placement.)

Place a plastic grocery bag over the top of the construction paper.

Turn on the toaster press the handle(s) down. 

The bag will begin to expand and inflate until it floats off of the construction paper.

WATCH THE BAG CAREFULLY! It can become stuck on the construction paper and will melt instead of taking off.