Paper Plate Hover Craft


Paper Plate Hover Craft


Make a hover craft out of household materials. This is a great extension activity to use with Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andre Beaty


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Nozzle: a pipe used to direct the flow of a fluid, either liquid or gas

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In person, virtual, take home kit


Students will gain a basic understanding of a nozzle and a begin exploring engineering. 

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Consumable Costs

1 yard of duct tape- $0.10

1 balloon- $0.13

1 straw- $0.13

1 paper plate- $0.14

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Prep Time in Minutes

Prep Details

Optional: precut the straws

Evaluation Method

Does the craft actually hover and move?


Flip the paper plate over and poke a hole in the center.

Insert the straw into the plate until it is just above the table. Cut off the top of the straw, leaving about 2-3 inches.

Place the balloon over the straw and tape it in place.

Inflate the balloon by blowing into the exposed straw on the underside of the plate. Check that air flowing out of the balloon only comes through the straw. Plug any holes with duct tape.

To test: Blow through the straw to inflast the balloon. Pinch the neck of the balloon closed and set the plated on a flat table or surface. Let the balloon go and the hover craft should float just above and glide across the table.