MakeCode Micro:bit STEAM kit #8


MakeCode Micro:bit STEAM kit #8


Micro:bit STEAM kit #8 is learning how to use the built-in Anaglog-to-Digital converter of the micro:bit processor. The patron will learn how the micro:bit converts the analog input into a multi-bit digital number that can be read by the processor.These projects are intended to give people an introduction to computer coding in a fun interactive way that they can do at home.


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To teach computer coding in a fun, interactive way that can be done at home.

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Backpack, container for micro:bit, container for other supplies, laminator, lamination paper, cover sheet, luggage tag, labels, standard micro:bit kit, mico:bit starter kit. 


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Organize your standard micro:bit kit into a container (we used a padded hard drive case), organize the supplies from the starter kit that you need for this kit (pencil boxes work great), create cover art and luggage tag for the kit. Alter directions to fit your library. Laminate directions. Put everything together in your backpack and get it cataloged.

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