Take Home Kit Series: Catapult


Take Home Kit Series: Catapult


Popsicle stick and rubber band catapult


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Build a catapult and launch a pompom 

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1. Rubber band 2 popsicle sticks together on one end.

2. Stack the other 4 sticks on top of each other and insert the stack between the open end of the first 2 sticks (perpendicular to them).

3. Wrap the other rubber band in a cross fashion between and around the sticks, holding them in place.

4. Slide the plastic spoon under the cross made by the second rub-ber band to secure it to the top stick.

5. Place the pom pom into the spoon’s cup end. 6. Holding down the catapult, press down on the end of the spoon and launch the pom pom into the air.


Learning Extensions:

· Find something to aim at (not a person or pet!) and see how close you can get.

· Did you miss? Try again and adjust your aim or the amount of force you are using.

· Try shooting something else in your catapult. Does it go farther? Try something heavier. Try something lighter. What happens?