MakeCode Micro:bit STEAM kit #3


MakeCode Micro:bit STEAM kit #3


The micro:bit was created by BBC to help teach coding to people. This kit is set up as an introduction to electronics. The patrons will learn how to program the micro:bit to control a LED light, and learn how to wire the micro:bit and light together correctly. These kits are a fun interactive way to introduce STEAM concepts at the comfort of our patron's home.


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The objective is to inspire kids have fun while learning more about the computer science and electrial fields. 

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Backpack, containers for micro:bit set, and a container for the wires and LED light, directions, luggage tag, cover page, label maker, laminator and laminator paper, labels. 


Prep Details

Create a cover page and luggage tag for you kits. I used to create both the cover sheet and the luggage tags for our kits. Update directions to reflect your libraries information. Print everything out and laminate all the papers. Organize all the supplies into their containers and place container content sheets with them. Put everything togerther in a backpack and get it cataloged. 

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