MakeCode Micro:bit STEAM kit #2


MakeCode Micro:bit STEAM kit #2


The micro:bit was created by BBC to help teach coding to people. This kit is set up to teach about the different sensors on the micro:bit chip. There are three projects for the patrons to learn in this kit. These projects are: temperature sensor, shake sensor, and tilt sensor. The patrons will learn how to program the micro:bit chip to use these sensors. These micro:bit kits were set up to allow patrons to learn computer coding in a fun, interactive way in the safety of their own home.


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To teach computer sciences and computer coding in a fun, interactive way in hopes of encouraging future computer science studies. 

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Materials/Costs in $


Backpack, luggage tag, container for micro:bit original kit, directions, laminator and laminator paper, labels. 


Evaluation Method

Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter responses.


Create kit by altering directions to fit your library, print out directions and laminate them. Put micro:bit original kit in the container purchases for it and label box with contents. Create cover sheet and luggage tag for the kit. Put everything together in a backpack and get item cataloged.