Pom Pom (Paper) Cannon


Pom Pom (Paper) Cannon


Build a paper air cannon that can launch a pom pom


Presentation Type

Target Audience Minimum Age

Target Audience Maximum Age

Duration in Minutes

Event Type

Weekly STEAM


As a result of participating in the program, participants will understand the dynamics of air pressure, how to create a vacuum and launch a projectile using air pressure.

Life Skills

Career Fields

Tech Level

Consumable Costs

Less than $2 per participant, depending on how many participants and number of items you have on hand.

Materials/Costs in $


Prep Time in Minutes

Prep Details

  • Planning: 30 minutes
  • Purchase supplies: 30 minutes
  • Preparing Supplies: 30 minutes to make a sample

Evaluation Method

Number of attendees and engagement of children


Set up tables and chairs. Have children collect one cup, two or three pompoms and one balloon each. Have scissors and masking tape on tables waiting to be used. 

Show children a demonstration of our vortex canon and the video. Now that they understand the science behind why their canon will work, they will create their own version of the cannon, shooting pompoms instead of smoke. 

First children will cut a small hole in the bottom of the cups. Next they will cut the neck off the balloon, stretch the balloon over the lip of the cup and tape it down (partners are recommended). Once all students are finished, they will stand behind a table and experiment to see how far their pompoms will shoot. 

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