Bridge Building Challenge


Bridge Building Challenge


Families with children ages 0-12 will be given the opportunity to pick up a bridge kit that will be provided to them. They will try to build the strongest bridge with the supplies provided. The children will submit their results, and the ones with the strongest bridges will win a prize. The age groups are 0-5, 6-9, 10-12.


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STEAM challenge


To introduce and teach engineering, physics, and geometry in a fun, interactive way. Instill a life long love of learning.

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Consumable Costs


Per kit: 100 round wooden toothpicks, 50 mini marshmallows, two ziplock bags (for toothpicks and marshmallows), one dixie bath cup, one paper ruler, and one contest guideline printout.


Prep Details

Put 100 toothpicks in one ziplock bag and 50 mini marshmallows in another. Put both bags inside a paper lunch bag with the following items: one dixie bath cup, one paper ruler, and one printout of the challenge guidelines.

Evaluation Method

Facebook and participation